Commercial Applications

Anyone who operates commercial premises knows that slippery floors can be hazardous. And they are all aware of what a 'slip' is, and what a 'fall' is and what the possible outcomes can be, when combining the two together.

So we're not going to bore you here with all the statistics of what slip 'n falls can mean to commercial enterprises. They understand their duty to protect walking traffic on their premises. We'll provide you enough information for you to get in touch and get the business done of treating your slippery floors and protecting those who walk on them.

Domestic Applicaitons

This is perhaps where the most slip 'n fall accidents occur but are the least heard about. Unlike slipping and falling in a commercial building, many slip 'n fall accidents in and around the home don't allow for any compensation claims due to negligence of a property owner failing to provide safe walking conditions.

But once again, domestic property owners, whether they be landlords or owner/occupiers, are still totally aware of the areas in and around their dwellings that are prone to causing slip'n fall accidents. Solutions are just an email away that can remedy problem areas and fix them before someone gets hurt.

D.I.Y (Do it Yourself

For many industries, the D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) market is huge, and so too is the market for treating slippery floors. It's not rocket science and can be carried out by anyone, provided they can read, use a mop and follow easy instructions. Our D.I.Y kits are designed to treat areas in and around the home. D.I.Y can save considerable costs on labor and can certainly bring satisfaction to those who decide to take control of potential risk areas.

Ordering takes just a few clicks and each 1 litre contains enough product to treat an average of around 20Sqm which can be completed in 1 - 2 hours..

Have some slippery tiled or stone floors at Home?


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