about gribmagic anti-slip for tiles and stone philippines

GripMagic in Brief

GripMagic is a liquid chemical formula that will treat a wide range of tiles including ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile, terrazzo, marble, granite and other stone surfaces that become slippery when wet 

GripMagic has been improving the slip resistance of hard mineral floor types for many years in Australia, New Zealand and even Thailand.   Manufactured under license in Australia, it is now available in the Philippines.

Here in the Philippines, treating slippery tiles is virtually an untapped market with literally millions & millions of square metres of slippery floors just waiting to be treated.

This makes it an ideal business for our 2 Divisions, namely Distributors for GripMagic D.I.Y and GripMagic Accredited Installers (who cater to large slip resistance jobs in Commercial & Retail premises).

GripMagic is the #1 Solution
for slippery tile & stone floors in the Philippines

We have great business opportunities available
for GripMagic Installers & GripMagic D.I.Y Distributors

GripMagic Installers

Enjoy a lifestyle with GripMagic that everyone will envy

GripMagic Distributors

Earn great part-time income as a GripMagic Authorized Distributor

GripMagic Applications & Business Opportunities

GripMagic is a permanent treatment that helps to eliminate dangerous slips 'n falls that can and do occur on many types of tile and stone walkways.   It's easy to apply and never 'wears' out.  

GripMagic is used in Commercial & Domestic applications & also as a D.I.Y.   But just as great is that GripMagic can be operated as your own business in a truly affordable way. 

GripMagic Commercial Anti-Slip-Treatment


GripMagic has a solution to treat all Tiles & Stone for Commercial & Retail Applications


Owning a GripMagic Installer or GripMagic D.I.Y Distributor business is very rewarding, particularly the money you can earn!



Regardless of where you need to protect slippery walkways, we have the solution

Philippine Bus. Opp

Join GripMagic with a choice of 2 truly brilliant & profitable opportunities in The Philippines

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