If you'd like to earn an exceptional income as a Grip Magic Installer & Distributor


This is as easy as falling off a log! You see, contrary to some beliefs, as we mention on this site, that installing Anti-Slip treatments is not rocket science. With adequate training, the ability to follow easy instructions and a caring personality to take care of clients Installers can be up and running in just days after receiving their product.

Our products are manufactured in Australia by one of the most experienced and longest standing companies in the world. When applied according to instructions, the treated floor surface when wet will comply with the Australian Standard safety level outlined in AS/NZS 4586:2004. (Wet Pendulum Test having mean BPN values between 45 - 70, Coefficient or Friction exceeding 0.6 for most areas).

Grip Magic International Anti-Slip Treatment is not a coating. Therefore it will not delaminate, yellow, or wear off, as coatings do. It in effect 'etches' the tile and stone forming a rough surface, without destroying the original look of the floor.

It is also wise not to get confused when it comes to the many companies offering Anti-Slip solutions. All treatments that are not a coating are pretty well made up of the same components. They HAVE to be in order to meet specific Coefficient Standards. So ask yourself, unless a company is prepared to offer you their formula, how can you tell the difference between one or the other. You never will.

So as an potential installer, embarking on this new venture of offering Anti-Slip, what you need to be looking at is:

1. What will you pay for your product in order to ensure you can make the best possible margins? Will it be the lowest price possible?

2. Can you be assured you are going to get the support you need both in the short, but most importantly for the long-term? That is, will your supplier be there for you in the 'blink of an eye' to give you every chance of success?

3. Even after taking into account 'freebies', buy back offers after a period of time, and any other persuasive sweet-talk, can you really rely on 1 & 2 above? We guarantee you can, all day everyday.

Just Some of Our Promises

The absolute BEST PRICING for your concentrated products in the industry which allows Distributors in developing countries to offer realistic installation pricing.

SMALL minimum order quantities allowing you to put your efforts into building your business and not headache tablets!

Great support not only in the lead up to getting you started, but fast ongoing support thereafter, allowing you to thrive in your business

Access to the best Slip Meter Testing machines used for wet coefficient  measurements that provide accurate results both wet & dry 

Complete start-up training, which is usually carried out via web-conferencing to ensure all your questions are answered plus of course ongoing support when you need it.

The ability to offer af LIFE of TILE WARRANTY when yearly inspection agreements are entered into with your clients


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