The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Not

Although the change in friction can be felt, it occurs at a microscopic level and is therefore completely invisible to the naked eye. Your tiles will maintain their appearance provided you follow the instructions.

Absolutely Not

The process does not involve any anti slip paint that needs to dry, so the floor can be walked upon straight away. What’s more, if you choose to have us install, we will carry out the process at a time to suit you and your domestic or business needs. 

Many ..

We specialize in ceramic tiles, granite, terrazzo, marble, porcelain and even polished concrete. Talk to us about your floor. Our consultation is free

As Regular as Normal ..

Continue to clean your floors thoroughly as per your normal routine ensuring you use a PH neutral cleaner (do not use normal detergent as it can leave a slippery film when dry). Oily areas should always be cleaned daily.  

Genrally speaking - Life of Tile ..

Provided they are well maintained and regularly cleaned with non PH cleaners, your tiles will retain their grip for life of tile, because the process is not a coating - so there is nothing to “wear off” However, for our domestic products now life of tile warranty is offered. For commercial installations annual inspection agreements must engaged.

Some ..

You should not use any waxy coatings, as these will alter the friction coefficient. Floor buffing is OK. You should not use harsh ebrasive scrubbers. It is however, okay to use a sealant to repel oil and water after treatment

A long Time..

The process has been proven in many countries for over 30 years. 

No ..

No, just ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain, granite,terrazzo and polished concrete. The Treatment does not work on synthetic tiles containing resin binders, paint, fibreglass or acrylic. There are many solutions to other slip issues including those for slippery timber, steel and vinyl.

A lot less than you think ..

Surprisingly, very little when considering everything that the treatment offers. It is not a coating, so it is a once off application and never any need to repeat the process so long as the floor is cared for. It is a superior product and beats uplifting tiles and replacing them.

Contact us at your convenience. We can give you indictive pricing within the same day. Our consultations to do this are free. Also consider our D.I.Y product if you want to solve slip issues around the home.

It's not rocket science ..

Just as glass etching has been around for many years, so has anti-slip products for tiles and stone. TBH, there are many similarities and ingredients to all the formulas. Predominently, it comes down to price for installation, plus the service and support provided by the company and their aftersales service. That's giving you a non-bias answer!!

Very pleasing news ..

Training is free, there are no fees for territories, nor any royalties. Support is ongoing and also without charge. All you need is the product and the correct equipment and tools to service your clients. We continue to help you all along the way, particularly in the early days of your business.   You can make a very good living as a Distributor and Installer.   So we'd say that's all pretty good news.  Contact us and we can take your through the initial basics.

None that aren't easily handled ..

The product contains a form of acid, as do all formulas. Commensense prevails that safety is important, for example wearing proper clothing, shoes, gloves and eye protection. The D.I.Y product however is a different forumla and is suited to household use, but these precautions are still very much advised.

Don't be worried ..

The pricing for our super concentrated formulas are perhaps the lowest in the industry. We understand that there are markets that can only bear as little as a few dollars per square meter for floors to be treated. . That's why our pricing pleases everyone because it allows them to open territories that would normally be prohibitive with other supplier products.

Of Course ..

We have samples in 1 & 5 litre sizes. These are offered at just a couple of dollars per litre above our normal Distributor pricing. Because our pricing is so low, it is not economically feasible to give out for free! Everyone would be asking! You may arrange to have them collected by your own courier, or request we arrange a courier for you. Courier fees are paid by the requesting party.

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